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Trading Strategies

We help you find a trading strategy that fits you. We can provide different styles that all have been proven successful and easy to learn.

Get funded for your trading

You may not have a 100.000 EUR . That is not a problem. We can provide your with services where you get to trade other peoples money. You get to keep 90% of the profit.

Charting Packages

We have partners that provide extensive and very advanced charting packages which will help you to execute our trading strategies.

Trading instruments

There is many way to make profit on the markets. We can learn you to trade Stocks, Options, Futures and CFD’s. Together we find the right vehicles for you. 

Plan for success

When you join us, we will make a plan with clear path with goals to reach success. Do you want to trade full-time or just make a little extra… 

Risk Management

A vital part of being a Trader with success is to have your risk management in place. We learn you how to manage your trades with the right position size, for max profit.

Trade for a living or Trade for an extra income. We’re Here to Help.

Manage Your Money and Get Advice Right From Your Phone

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